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5 Simple Ways to Relieve Back Pain Today

by Chuck Oese L.Ac.

1. Stand More 

An average person with an office job sits about 8 hours per day and some research shows signs of people sitting up to 15 hours per day. Sitting can cause a forward head posture which puts stress on your entire spinal column leading to back and neck pain. Start by standing 6 minutes per hour while working at your desk, a 10% decrease in sitting. Walk around your office while on a phone call or invest in a standing desk. Just 6 minutes an hour can add up quickly. Gradually increase the amount of standing over time to see even more benefits.

2. Sit Properly

Use your core to sit tall and keep your head directly over the shoulders. Don't let the chairs back rest do the job our core should be doing. We tend to collapse into our chairs causing compression and flexion of the spine. Try the following exercise one minute per hour to get started. Place an object between your knees like a jacket or tennis ball and squeeze that object while mindfully sitting tall. Activate your core, pull your chin back over you sternum and breathe deeply. Remember to keep your core activated on the exhale and see if you can make yourself taller on the inhale. 

3. Improve Your Posture While Surfing Your Phone

Look around and notice how people surf their phones. I'll bet their neck is in a flexed position, chin tucked, as they look down and check their status and posts on social media. Bring that phone up to eye level and surf your phone while using a proper sitting or standing posture.  

4. Do a Founder

Dr. Eric Goodman created a movement practice called Foundation Training to help reduce his back pain and avoid life changing back surgery. Go to click the tab free resources and sign up for a free 30 day founder challenge. With this simple but challenging exercise you can reduce pain and increase strength in minutes a day.

5. Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture and cupping combined with movement therapies such as Qi Gong and Foundation Training can be very effective at relieving back pain and strengthening the posterior chain of muscles(the back of the body). Changing our everyday movement patterns is the first step to successfully eliminating pain and relief can be immediate with acupuncture to support our new healthy habits.

Chuck Oese L.Ac. offers postural assessments, acupuncture and Foundation Training to all of our patients during an initial treatment. You can request a free consultation at or by calling 720-588-2801.